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You’re all set up in your new space and surrounded by other co-workers from all walks of life, businesses, and industries. How do you make the most of your co-working experience and maximize the benefits that come with it? Here is a list of dos and don’ts to build great relationships with those around you and avoid being the office pariah.

  1. DO – be the one who respects others’ space. Don’t be a desk hog.
  2. DON’T – be unnecessarily noisy. Are your mobile phone alerts on low or vibrate? Can you take that international call in a more private area?
  3. DO – be the one who refills the copier when the paper gets low or makes more coffee when you take the last cup
  4. DON’T – eat at your desk (particularly if it’s an egg salad or tuna sandwich…). Most co-working spaces have lounge/kitchen areas for that. Use them. Or better yet, get outdoors for a while!
  5. DO – engage with others. A simple smile and a “good morning” goes a long way. But make sure you choose your moment to spark up a conversation. There’s a good time and a bad time – read the room.
  6. DON’T – act like the amenities and facilities are only yours. Sharing is good. Hogging (the copier, the coffee, the massage chair)? Not so much.
  7. DO – clean and sanitize your workspace. This should be a no-brainer in the era of COVID, but take a few minutes at the end of the day to clean up and un-clutter your workspace. You’ll find it much more pleasant to return to the next day, and those working around you will certainly appreciate it.

The Dos and Don’ts above may seem pretty obvious, but they are an important reminder that you are in a shared workspace, much like working in a traditional office setting. Co-working spaces are designed to increase productivity and creativity, but distractions from others who may not respect the shared environment make it difficult to stay focused and productive. Maximize your time, meet new friends, get inspired, and share ideas in your new co-working space. By following the above dos and don’ts you’ll be well on your way to achieving these goals.

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