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New Study Indicates That Demand for Satellite Offices May Be on the Horizon

A new study by Unispace has found that over 60% of workers would rather split their work hours between home and office, preferring not to come into the office 5 days a week.  Since the COVID shut-down, workers have made their preferences clear:  Hybrid work schedules and shorter commutes.

It turns out that commute times have a lot to do with the shift in preferences. Seventy-nine percent of those surveyed said they would be happier returning to the office if the commute time was only 5-10 minutes from home. What’s the natural option?  Satellite offices closer to workers’ homes, with amenities and perks to keep workers happy.

Demand For Satellite Offices Expected To IncreaseWhile this study was conducted on European office workers, the willingness to return to work at the expense of a shorter commute is being felt on U.S. soil. For occupiers who are feeling a sense of urgency to lure their workers back, these findings strongly indicate that adding satellite offices to their portfolio may be a sound strategy to boost employee morale and retain talent.

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