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So you’re ready to try a co-working space. Not at home, not at Starbucks, but a place dedicated to shared workspaces, like 520 HUB. What do you need to consider when choosing your co-working space? Here are 5 things to keep in mind when considering a co-working space:

  • LOCATION Seems logical, right? Think about how you commute. Maybe by bike? Maybe you want to walk or take mass transit? Here are questions to ask about location.
    • Is the co-working space near your home?
    • Is it easy to get to?
    • Are there other businesses nearby? i.e. cafes, work-out centers, business services
    • Is there adequate parking? Is it free parking?
    • What commuting choices are there? Mass transit, car, cycling, walking… or?
    • Does it offer private office space and/or dedicated workspace?
    • Is it leasable by day, month, year, on-demand?
    • What’s included?
    • Are there other facilities on site? i.e. lounge, lobby, adequate bathrooms, conference rooms
    • Does it fit my budget?
  • AVAILABILITY OF CO-WORKING SPACE — Do you have a crazy work schedule? You may need a place that offers 24/7 access to accommodate your hours.
  • WHAT PERKS ARE OFFERED? 520 HUB offers clients a Top Golf membership and a massage chair.
    • Is there a conference room?
    • Is there access to a printer, scanner, etc?
    • Is there a lounge area? A kitchen?
  • WHAT IS THE ENVIRONMENT/ATMOSPHERE LIKE?  Find a co-working place that fits your personality and work style.
    • Is it buzzing with activity? Or quiet like the library? What works best for you?
    • Are the furnishings comfortable, clean, and contemporary?
    • Aesthetics are important. Does the interior design and artwork feel right to you? Can you see yourself being productive and happy working there?

On the surface, these five points might seem very obvious, but they are important points to consider when choosing a co-working space. Take some time to think about what’s right for you. What will make your workweek more productive? Will the space enhance and encourage creativity? Will you feel happy, productive, and fulfilled at the end of the day? Will you look forward to coming in to work each day?

Have questions about what 520 HUB offers for co-working spaces? Please contact us.

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