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Got a new co-working space or just updating your current one? Here’s a guide to the ultimate co-working space essentials to keep your gear secure and organized, and to keep you productive!

  • Cable Organizer – keep all your cables and mobile accessories organized and in one place.
  • Laptop Sleeve – keep your laptop safe in any bag, particularly one that lacks a dedicated protective pocket.
  • Wireless Headphones – sometimes you need to shut out what’s going on around you.
  • Long Mobile Charging Cable – get one that’s extra-long to reach an out-of-the-way outlet.
  • Hydration! – Refillable Water Bottle
  • Stay Awake! – Thermal Mug – 520 HUB has gourmet coffee in the ready in the modern lounge. Fill up that mug and keep your beverage hot.
  • Insulated Lunch Box/Bag – although many co-working spaces are located amongst many dining choices, you may choose to bring your own.
  • Notebook and Pens – Seems obvious, but it’s nice to have these on hand when you get that flash of brilliance and you need to write it down.
Co-Working Space Essentials | 520 HUB
Co-Working Space Essentials | 520 HUB
Co-Working Space Essentials | 520HUB

There you have it! Nine simple co-working space essentials to keep you organized, healthy, and productive!

Photo credits from Pixabay:

Water Bottle Image by NatureFriend from Pixabay
Cable Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

Headphones Image by HOerwin56 from Pixabay

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