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So you’re all set up in your new coworking space. Now you want to maximize your time and efforts. What are some apps to help enhance productivity, collaboration, and overall efficiency? Here is a list of apps for collaboration, project management, organization, communication, and more. Some are paid apps, but many have free versions and there are several alternatives out there. But to keep this list from being way too long, here are some picks to cover the bases and to get started:

  1. Slack:
    • For team communication with channels, direct messages, and file sharing.
  2. Trello:
    • Project management and task organization through boards, lists, and cards.
  3. Asana:
    • Facilitates task tracking, team collaboration, and goal setting.
  4. Google Workspace:
    • A suite of productivity tools including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and more for collaborative work.
  5. Zoom:
    • One of many popular video conferencing apps for virtual meetings and remote collaboration. We like the filter feature, especially when we get up late and haven’t had our coffee yet.
  6. Evernote:
    • Note-taking, organizing ideas, and keeping track of important information.
  7. Dropbox:
    • Cloud storage solution for easy file sharing and collaboration. Google Workspace also has a feature called Google Drive that functions the same way.
  8. RescueTime:
    • Tracks time spent on various tasks and provides insights to improve productivity.
  9. Focus@Will:
    • Plays background music designed to enhance focus and concentration
  10. Forest:
    • Encourages focus and productivity by rewarding users for staying off their phones for a set period.
  11. Notion:
    • An all-in-one workspace for note-taking, project management, and collaboration.
  12. DeskTime:
    • Time tracking and productivity analysis tool for individuals and teams.
  13. Todoist:
    • Helps organize and prioritize to-do lists.
  14. Flipd:
    • Encourages users to stay focused by temporarily blocking distracting apps.
  15. Clockify:
    • Time tracking app that helps in monitoring work hours and project timelines
  16. Calendly:.
    • Simplifies the process of scheduling meetings by allowing others to book time slots based on your availability.
  17. LastPass:
    • Securely manages and stores passwords, important for keeping online accounts and information safe.

Of course, you don’t need all of these apps and there are many alternatives out there that do the same things. Preferences differ and some will work well for you, others won’t. We look for apps that are simple to use and have a short learning curve so we’re not taking up time just trying to learn how to use them. Happy co-working!

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